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The Perfect Pairing
Culinary Series, by Karisma

The only thing better than an exquisitely prepared meal is accompanying it with the perfect glass of wine - an art unto itself. That's why Karisma has paired with Jackson Family Wines. Known for crafting award-wining wines of distinct character and quality, their portfolio comprises more than 40 renowned wineries in California, France, Chile, Italy and Australia, including brands such as Cardinale, Freemark Abbey and La Crema.

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Pictured: Lobster tail with fresh greens, raddish, hard boiled egg and olive

Pictured: Lobster tail with fresh greens, raddish, hard boiled egg and olive

Celebrate the perfect pairing
of fine wines and gourmet cuisine

Every month throughout the year, Karisma Hotels & Resorts hosts a series of engaging, informative and interactive dining experiences celebrating the perfect pairing of fine wine and gourmet cuisine beneath the stunning skies of Riviera Maya, Mexico. Hosted by noted chefs and wine personalities, the true star of the show is the taste and perfect balance between wine and dish. Special events include access and insight into highly sought-after wines, vertical tastings, cooking classes, special pairings, and an exclusive Guest Chef and Wine Master Dinner.

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