“Our commitment as a company is to integrate in our day-to-day operations, the principles and actions that will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals’ achievement, to generate a positive change in our guests, staff, society, environment and culture”

Sustainability involves us all

When you travel, you are visiting someone else’s house, so, as world travellers we should beware in a responsible way in every moment. You can be a RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER by applying in all your trips, the following tips:

  1. Honour your hosts and our common heritage. Research the destination you are traveling to before your trip, respect different cultures and always ask for permission before taking pictures. 
  2. Protect our planet. Be a guardian of the nature; respect habitats; do not purchase products derived from endangered animals or plants; use water and electricity reasonably and avoid single-use items. 
  3. Support the local economy. Buy locally-made handcrafts; pay a fair price to artisans and local vendors; hire local guides.
  4. Be an informed traveler. Be prepared with safety and medical information; chose tourism operators with environmental policies and community projects in place; observe desired behavior in the places you visit.
  5. Be a respectful traveler. Respect all laws; respect human rights and protect children from exploitation; offer honest reviews about your trip and promote the positive experiences.

If you want to learn more about being a Responsible Traveler, consult the World Tourism Organization’s “Tips for a responsible traveler. #TravelEnjoyRespect”.

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