Margaritaville St. Somewhere

Set Sail. Follow the tides and the pull of the moon

Margaritaville St. Somewhere can't be found on any map or charted through GPS. Soft winds carry a gentle current toward a small natural island where turquoise blue waters gently lap against the dock of a sun bleached marina. Buoys mark safe passage into this harbour where wayward sailors compete for dock space. Smaller vessels anchored in the tranquil waters casually bob on the flow of gently fading waves.

This ever-shifting destination that lies beyond the embrace of the wind and the sea is the island of St. Somewhere, an explorer's state of mind. These boutique, luxury resorts will feature an intimate, club like experience, ideal for smaller restaurants and bars and more personalized, unique opportunities.  With the first resort set to launch in Isla Holbox, a small car-free island north of the Yucatan Peninsula between the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, guests will be able to experience life by the sea in a tranquil, private club setting.