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Select the option below that best fits your needs for your holiday getaway, family vacation, wedding or honeymoon.

Book your getaway with a Gourmet Inclusive® Vacation Consultant

There are travel agents... and there are Gourmet Inclusive® Vacation Consultants. A Gourmet Inclusive® Vacation Consultants is a travel profession who has been carefully screened and comprehensively trained to provide exceptional service while creating a tailor made vacation, a romantic escape, a honeymoon or anniversary, your Gourmet Inclusive® Vacation Consultant can provide you with firsthand experience and perks you can't get anywhere else. By booking through a Gourmet Inclusive® Vacation Consultant, you'll receive benefits including ViP amenities and services, a best rate guarantee and exclusive added values such as complimentary upgrades, Slime Time, celebration packages and more.

Vacation Consultant | Karisma Hotels & Resorts®

Book your getaway with a Gourmet Inclusive® Honeymoon & Anniversary Consultant

The Gourmet Inclusive® Honeymoon & Anniversary logo designates a Gourmet Inclusive® Vacation Consultant who has taken their relationship with Karisma to another level. These travel professionals are experienced in booking Honeymoon and Anniversary travel at every Karisma hotel and resort, and are intimately familiar with all of the romantic services and amenities Karisma has to offer.

Honeymoon & Anniversary Consultant | Karisma Hotels & Resorts®

Book your Getaway with a Gourmet Inclusive® Wedding Consultant

Your Gourmet Inclusive® Wedding Consultant can guide you through the seemingly infinite details of planning your wedding with ease. Whether it's coordinating the travel arrangements for your guests or just that personal touch you have been looking for, they are equipped with all of the resources to make planning your wedding seamless.

Wedding Consultant | Karisma Hotels & Resorts®

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