Nourish your soul

After you’ve walked Serbia’s lively cities, had a bite of local food, and a taste of its balanced wine, you’ll see why tribes, armies and empires fought over this beautiful land for centuries. Once a part of Tito’s Yugoslavia, Serbia blends tradition and future – it’s a place with medieval citadels, art noveau buildings, minarets and monasteries, where Turkish delight, tiramisù and éclair are eaten with equal zest as homemade vanilice.

Serbia is full of rewarding surprises. You may want to visit the laidback, jazz-loving city Niš in the south, townlet Guča with an impressive and internationally known trumpet festival, icy Zlatibor and Kopaonik mountains with jet-set crowds, or Lepenski Vir, an archeological site shrouded in mysteries of the 9000 BC onwards. Adventure lovers will adore white water rafting on the wild Drina and Tara.

Hikers can wander around antique Golubac and astounding sites with names that belong to fantasy novels, like The Iron Gates of the Danube.

A true gourmand will love the traditional Serbian kafana where meat is the king and there’s always room for one more at the table, just remember to greet with three pecks on the cheek. Belgrade, the vibrant capital is a must-see melting pot. Novi Sad blossoms in the summertime when EXIT, one of Europe’s finest music festivals attracts headliners like CeeLo Green, Patti Smith, The White Stripes and Gogol Bordello, all gathered at the amazing historical venue of the Petrovaradin Fortress.

Fast paced Serbia will leave you breathless but asking for more. Come and nourish your soul.


The Colorful White City

Live for the moment in ageless Belgrade, the city where Sava meets Danube, East meets West and stilettos meet cobblestones. Oozing with charm and confidence, the White City is a budding metropolis of two million people that offers art, culture and entertainment to travelers from all walks of life.

Celtic, Roman, Greek, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian influence will be palpable to anyone who embarks on a journey through ancient Kalemegdan Fortress where as many as 115 battles took place. Hunt for antique treasures in quaint streets and people watch at the trendy Dorćol quarter. Visit the bohemian Skadarlija where the only thing more intoxicating than the finest, most potent rakija you’ll ever drink is the heartfelt music.

Hop over the bridge to New Belgrade where somber socialist architecture is juxtaposed with nature, making the perfect backdrop for your travel memories and experience reminders. For unique events, gifts and clothes stop by Savamala, a creative hub for young designers and artists. The nights in Belgrade are especially captivating – being it a quiet dinner in one of the hundreds of gourmet restaurants that will tantalize your taste buds or a night of –electro, rock, punk, Balkan beats or impromptu performances of gypsy brass musicians. Whatever your choice, do include pljeskavica, voted the world’s best street food by Guardian, even if it is in the hours when the moon gives way to the morning sun.

Just a few moments into your visit and you will encounter with its welcoming arms an array of experiences of the outspoken, adventurous, proud and exuberant capital city of Belgrade.

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