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Colombia, one of the most buzzed about countries today, invites you to immerse yourself in its astonishing culture. From traditional villages nestled in the Cordillera, cathedrals and coffee plantations, colonial cities to Caribbean coast, everything you see here is mesmerizingly beautiful. But, you won’t always believe your eyes. Tropical grasslands, rocky deserts, volcanoes, Tierradentro’s funeral temples and mysterious sculptures of San Agustín, The Liquid Rainbow river and fruit with whimsical names like lulo, mamoncillo and guayaba, truly look, feel and sound surreal.

Adventurers will love searching for the Lost City of the Tayrona civilization – follow the timeworn trail through the jungle, with hummingbirds, parakeets and toucans as guides to the ancient curving terraces vanishing into the clouds.

Learn a word or two of Kogi, one of Colombia’s 60 magical indigenous languages, old as the time itself. Swim with stingrays among the coral reefs and see majestic humpback whales arriving from the Antarctic to the warm waters of the Pacific to mate and give birth to their offspring. Visit Museo del Oro in Bogotá with Colombia’s priceless heritage before you surrender to Cartagena’s charms.

In Salento you can drink the unsurpassed Colombian café tinto. Try to reach Zen at the Barefoot Park in the dynamic Medellín. Warm up with aguardiente in Cali, the salsa capital of the world, or, for something even hotter, visit the sublime beaches of San Andrés, Providence and Santa Catalina islands.

Blessed with alluring beaches, snowcapped summits, misty ruins, natural wonders and wondrous culture, wherever you go, Colombia will put its spell on you.


It's the magic word

Come to Cartagena where the only thing warmer then the golden sun and the sapphire sea is the genuine hospitality. The lively capital of the Bolívar Department and a legendary UNESCO World Heritage, this port-city is immortalized in the fantastic work of the Nobel laurate Gabriel García Márquez ‒ visit and live out your own fantasy.

Cartagena is a charming open air museum, enveloped by impressive colonial walls proudly guarding the pretty plazas, the chilling Palace of the Inquisition, cobbled alleys and impressive churches. Shop for a traditional woolen mochila, buy fresh fruit from palenqueras or splurge on custom made emerald statement pieces. Feeling romantic? A horse-drawn carriage will take you through time as you admire the pastel facades and exotic flowers. Find tranquility in the million people city or have a million fun-fueled nights at the trendy Getsemaní dancing to hypnotic music with exotic locals.

So much more than just a lavish Caribbean destination, this beautiful place rewards true explorers. Feeling brave? Jump into the nearby Totumo volcano and unwind in the natural mud. Sunbathe with the beautiful people at hip beaches. Dive into the idyllic turquoise waters with swaying palm trees casting shadow or immerse yourself in Colombian culture on charming fincas. Come and let Cartagena work its magic.

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