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Located at the heart and soul of Colombia's coffee region, under Quindío's radiant sun, framed in one of the most beautiful scenery in the world you will find the Allure Café Mocawa Resort, by Karisma.

Coffee smell dominates the ambiance in the Quindio Region, and this is what inspires the name of our new hotel. The Allure Café Mocawa Resort, by Karisma perfectly blends the essence of the region´s flagship product with the abundant culture in its surroundings, highlighting our residents’ natural amiability and orientation to excellent service.

Allure Café Mocawa Highlights

  • Villas

    With all the services of the Allure Café Mocawa Resort, by Karisma you will enjoy these comfortable and modern villas.
  • La Fonda

    All the culture, gastronomy and happiness of our region can be experienced in one place.
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